Maribor, second biggest Slovenian town has been nominated for the "European Capital of Culture 2012" and Velenje is one of its partner cities. Contemporary version of "EVROPA PLEŠE" (EUROPE DANCES) in co-operation with the Dance Federation of Slovenia is one of the most outstanding among 24 projects to be carried out in Velenje as part of the European Capital of Culture. The genuine version of "EVROPA PLESE" was carried out in Velenje for several years more than 40 years ago in the organisation of the local Association for Tourism and at time established local Dance Club.


Dance Federation of Slovenia under the presidency of Drago Šulek succeeded to get granted both 2012 Standard and Latin European DanceSport Championships for Professionals from the Professional Division of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) to be carried out under the title of "EVROPA PLEŠE" 2012. These are the first ever European DanceSport Championships for professionals in Slovenia, which for the past 20 years has been well known for the quality of its DanceSport couples, holders of several champions titles won at the European and World Championships as well as the World Games for disciplines recognised by IOC but not included into the program of Olympic Games.


The local organizer is "Festival Velenje" and the producer of the event is Verena Šulek who is currently also the member of the Presidium of the WDSF Professional Division.


Drago and Verena Šulek, former 10 times National DanceSport Champions in Standard and Latin, were among the participants of "EVROPA PLEŠE" in Velenje more than 40 years ago and this was the reason that, after finishing their studies in Ljubljana, they settled down in Velenje and became well known citizens of this young and modern city. Drago Šulek even spent a few years in the local politics and was elected Mayor of Velenje in the term 1986 - 1990.